Firetrace systems were developed in the 1980’s as a solution for fires in farm harvesting equipment. This equipment suffered from fires regularly due to mechanical failures and buildup of plant materials in the engine areas. There was a clear need for a solution, however the dirt, vibration and temperature variations made traditional automatic solutions impractical.
The simplicity of Firetrace’s tubing-based detection systems offered the ideal robust yet reliable solution. The pneumatic tube actuation proved to be tolerant of the dirt, grime, and vibration associated with the equipment, while providing fast, reliable detection of a growing fire.
In 2000, Firetrace International was founded to market Firetrace’s unique systems worldwide. Since that time these systems’ unique properties have proven themselves in CNC machines, buses, electrical control panels, fume hoods, engine and generator compartments, hazardous storage cabinets and countless other applications.
To date, more than 250,000 systems have been installed around the world, and reports of successful suppression come in several times each week. In 2011, Firetrace introduced a range of clean agent engineered systems. These systems gained rapid acceptance globally, and facilitated the development of Firetrace’s E4, the next generation of engineered systems designed specifically for the unique properties of 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.
E4 sets a new standard in design flexibility and performance for engineered systems without the high cost of nitrogen driver systems. Engineers and architects universally appreciate the decreasedlimitations and simplified pipe networks achieved by E4.






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